Refund Policy

    • All of the products are with the offer of 30 days replacement and refunding. If the product ordered is not similar to the delivered product then you should contact in 48 hours to replace it.
    • Defective products are also replaced within 48 hours.
    • Make pictures and videos of defective products and send them to


Refunding Process:

The refunding of the products can be done in 30 days of order’s delivery. After 30 days you will not be able to get the refunding unfortunately.

Conditions for Refunding:

    • Product must be in original form
    • Product must not be broken

Late Refunding:

In case you find it late then you can contact the site personally and send an email for letting us know the facts. Check your bank account first and then after verifying there is no money contact us and we will assure the payment delivery.