Terms & Services

The site is solely used by alibabeserve.com. In all of the content of the description we have been using the words of “we”, “us” and “our” for representing the alibabareserve. Each and every type of conditions and services have been illustrated by the alibabareserve.

When a visitor visits our site and buying some of the products then it means that he or she is agreed with all of the terms and services of the site which are described by the site. Terms and services are those protocols which are applied on each and every visitor of the site and every visitor is bound to follow the terms and services which are set by the site.

Everyone is requested to read and follow the terms and conditions with full of the concentration so that they can easily carry on each and every process in very easy way.  If some of the visitors are not agreed with the terms and services then he or she must not visit the site.